About Us

We-Care are a care service organisation that pride ourselves in delivering the highest standard of care.

We specialise in the Domiciliary Supported Living Care- End of Life Care -Waking Night Care/Overnight Care fields.

We-Care is a family run business that was founded in 2015. After 17 years of working in care, one of our directors- Dale Nero, saw first-hand how the quality of care was decreasing heavily within the UK.

His strong passion for care inspired him to undertake further research and see how things could be improved.

So in 2015…

Dale, his brother Ezekiel and close friend Daniel decided to research and investigate into the needs and requirements of service users and care workers and how this can be best achieved.

The results from this survey have allowed us to build a better care organisation by placing the needs of service users and staff at the heart of our business.

We-Care was built from frontline care workers who wanted to be part of an organisation that prided itself on delivering the best care available and building strong lasting relationships with its service users.

That is why we believe that delivering care is a journey between We-Care and its service users

As a care provider we will strive to incorporate the NHS’s Compassion in Practice values in all our activities.

As well as incorporating the NHS practice values of caring, compassion, competence, communication, courage, and commitment.

We have our own core company values that we base our ethos around.

Our Company Values


Everyone matters, putting clients at the heart of our business decisions is imperative for them to feel valued . It’s important that clients feel safe and comfortable in their own homes.


The wellbeing of our service users comes first, making sure the service user and their living environment is safe and hygienic to live in and subscribed instructions are being followed out.


We believe if you are passionate about giving back to people and helping both staff and service users, it will make a difference which we pride ourselves on.


At We-Care the service users take priority, we will go the extra mile to help each user within the guidelines. We will make sure the most important tasks are done first unless instructed otherwise.


Our aim is to make our sure service users are happy comfortable possible, whilst promoting their independence and self-value to allow them to stay active with their day to day living routines.


We pride ourselves on our reputation and recommendations. A strong relationship with our service users helps us to stay up to date and understand our clients/families better; enabling us to provide the best care for each service user.

We-Care Limited

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